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Fireflies and New Moons

The Parsha this week, Parshat Korach, is so dismal (poem coming tomorrow). It is filled with negativity and not too much hope. Similarly, the news has been discouraging, but it is now officially summer and today is Rosh Chodesh Tamuz. So much happening at once.

I noticed a firefly outside a few weeks ago and I immediately was energized by its tiny light.

I was struck by the power of the firefly to inject short infusions of light and hope in people. Finding the new moon is also a sign of positivity and hope in things to come. So, two poems on discovering the light, on hope and the potential that awaits.

Chodesh Tov!


A firefly is just a bug


until the dark times come

and then

the unremarkable firefly

becomes extraordinary

a light to follow.

a silent pop in the darkness

hope luminescing.


you’ll never know

where they will appear next

as they light up the night.


I Hope you Find Your Moon

(A poem for Rosh Chodesh Tamuz)

I hope you find the moon,

your moon

as you search the inky sky

I hope it helps to light your way.

A reminder,

the moon will reappear.

Moonless nights,

dark nights,

are only a part of the cycle of

light and darkness,

darkness and light.

So fear not.

The light will re-appear

to illuminate our way

through the darkness.

Video of fireflies by Radim Schreiber Radim Schreiber

For more videos and photos visit Video: Radim Schreiber Music: Tico Lasola

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