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In 49 Days

I'd like to close out the 49 days of counting the Omer with a few thoughts. I have tried to write faithfully during the forty nine days and have accumulated almost the 49 poems that I had hoped for, including the poems published here on Words Have Wings. I'll assemble the rest and see where that brings me in terms of publishing the poetry in some manner.

For now, though, as we approach the beautiful holiday of Shavuot, just a few thoughts about the past 49 days. I feel so grateful to celebrate this holiday, which comes just as the world seems like it is in full blossom. I love the happiness this holiday brings, the emphasis on agriculture and kindness and the fact that torah is brought front and center. There is much to love about Shavuot and then there is the ice cream and cheesecake!!!!

The 49 days are coming to an end and what a 49 days they have been.

May you all go from strength to strength.

Chag Sameach,


In 49 days everything changes

In 49 days nothing changes

In 49 days we go from budding to leafing.

From frost to thunderstorms.

In 49 days feelings sail from cloud high to ankle low.

In 49 days we get a little older,

And maybe a little bit better?

In 49 days we learn something new

and we forget a little more.

How many moments were small, and seemingly inconsequential?

How many moments changed our lives in some small way?

What were the books we read during the 49?

How many days of rain were there?

I wish I had counted smiles during the 49 days.

How many moments spent craving ice cream?

How many moments wasted?

How many moments of meaningful connection?

How many hours writing?

How many remarkable dreams in technicolor?

How many moments would we return to happily?

In 49 days how many moments of anxiety?

How many steps were stepped?

How many songs were sung?

How many prayers were prayed for good health?

For blessings?

How many moments were spent waiting?

How many moments of wonder?

How many moments to savor?

To appreciate?

How many moments can we return to in our memories?

49 days is just the beginning.

It's just a bridge.

Find the connections.

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