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Masechet Moed Katan is about the intermediate days of a holiday, such as Sukkot or Passover. The rabbis discuss what is permissible on those days and they attempt to articulate the boundaries between ordinary days and holidays.

The rabbis then turn and build upon restrictions of Chol HaMoed to speak at length about the rules of mourning.

At the root of this masechet is how to keep an appointed time different from other times.

I used this as an opportunity to think about appreciating and differentiating moments....a small attempt to speak about the joy of a particular moment.

If you are reading this, then you can add to this poem. Joy is subjective.....that is for sure! I would be most appreciative of what brings you joy. Please add it in a comment below or send me your ideas as a message on this site. Thanks so much.

Joy is a breath

flowing through you

cool and warm

Joy is health

and awareness that each moment is unique;

Joy is coming home to a hot dinner on the table.

Joy is family, family, family


joy is singing!

Joy is when kids wake up in the morning

and when they go to sleep at night!

Joy is a walk alone or

with a friend.

The joy of humans is nothing compared

with the joy of a dog!

Joy is being with people

but sometimes alone.

Joy is a laugh that comes from deep down

and bubbles up and cascades outwards

in bubbles,

in waves

and great guffaws!

Joy are the warm summer nights

when the air hugs you as you walk.

Joy is popcorn with butter anytime

and ice cream in the summer.

Joy is reaching the heights

and the process of getting there.

Joy is freedom.

Joy is learning something new.

Joy is to be needed by someone.

Joy is the human touch.

Joy is the quiet in the early morning.

Joy is a garden

and seeing things grow;

plants and people, too.

Joy is rhythm and movement

of music.

It is the snapping of fingers,

the tapping of feet.

Joy is noticing.

Joy is appreciation

and satisfaction

and anticipation.

Joy is a good book.

Joy is knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself;

being accepted as who you are.

And joy is appreciating the moment,

that a moment,

any moment

can be imbued with holiness.

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