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A Few Updates on Irma G and The Hat Project

I think that it is important to write here that there have been a few articles written on the "Irma G: A Century of Hats and Spirit" project over the past few weeks.

Sometimes in life we stumble upon events or projects that change our lives. It is not due to talent or particular foresight; it is a function of how actions cascade one into the next and the next. Mom's project was just that. I was excited about it while it happened. It changed mom's final year, for sure and it went on to change my life for the better, but it was a truly a serendipitous stumble into something special. That makes the fact that the project is receiving some attention all the more worth savoring. I am still grateful to my mother, may her memory be a blessing, for the energy that she brought to this project.

I look at the photos now, as I write these posts, and her persona will always be alive in these images.

With immense gratitude to her, to the spirited Irma G.


The first article was written for a French periodical called, L'Intimiste on the topic of Lipstick. It is written in French by Sandrine Tolotti. I have included the link directly to the article. It should bring you to the very thorough article written in English.

You can find L'Intimiste on Instagram at.



Better After 50, a fashion and advice newsletter for people over 50 (!!!) posted a piece from my photography website on my mother.


One of the photos of Irma G (dressed as Lucille Ball) appears on Lensculture's portrait gallery for their portrait awards competition. I entered a project, a subset of the Irma G project, into the competition because I think that it has merit. Lensculture chose one to highlight. I have not won any awards and I most likely will not win any awards by Lensculture for this project, but I was very moved that the chose to highlight it for others around the world to see.

Below is the photo from the gallery that was highlighted and here is a link to the full set of images.

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