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Add Your Haikus Here

I loved doing the Haiku challenge a few weeks ago. I enjoyed seeing how people's haikus reflected their lives. This time I am putting one photo here and I've created a number of haikus to go along with the photo. Do you have one to add? I'd love to see it! Add in the comments and thank you! Also, if any of the haikus below works for you, let me know which!


My hair needs combing.

so unruly, these white hairs

It's time to color.

White petals sprinkle

Dot the land with spicy scent

Leaves nothing for me

She sits yon naked

Stripped of beauty and of pride

The light hurts her eyes

White curls limply hang

Red is for kissable lips

Green sleeves open wide

My dress is swishing!

Please dance with me today.

Can you hear the drums?

Can you find me here?

I’m stuck behind the tulips.

Waving in the breeze.

Pinch, squeeze, pluck and clip

Pull my petals one by one

How honored I am

You think I am old

petals come and petals go

the heart remains strong!

Shimmy up ladybug

Find a spot to sleep tonight

I hope you don't snore

This skirt fits me well

It swishes when the wind blows

One step, two steps, dance!

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