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As March Turns Toward April: A Prayer

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

As March Turns Toward April

It is said that the month of March starts out like a lion

and goes out like a lamb

This year it goes out like a beast

a stalking beast

a ravenous and lunging beast

March, we bid you to leave

With a violent shove

We scatter your ashes to the wind

We won't miss you in this year of 2020

Return to us differently next year

Like a lion, like a lamb

After this is over

After we have rebuilt

April, you month of change

Temperatures dipping and rising

Grass attempts to green while the cold winds blow

What surprises do you have up your sleeve, you month of freedom?

Our faces look up to see the glow of the sun's rays

Warming our eyelids and cheeks

But we are afraid to seek out the light of day.

Afraid to breath the air, to touch the ground

Terror ripples in the wind.

April, you are the month of freedom, of spring, of rebirth

But I fear what you carry with you this year.

I fear you, month of April, month of renewal.

You, who controls the seasons

Who turns night into day and day into night

You, whom we praise each morning, noon and night

You who declares that April comes to free us, to greet the spring

to remember the beauty of freedom, of life and heroism

Keep Your promises

Allow us to taste the springtime once again

Grant us the strength to conquer the beast who

lunges at us through green grass, through blue skies and gray.

Grant health to those who fear for this month to come.

You created plagues once and swept them away

Do the same now.

Gd of freedom, of spring, of redemption

Gd who hears our prayers.

The prayers of people afraid

as March turns toward April.

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2020

What a beautifully well written poem. So poignant. I think so many people that you know and don't know would appreciate your words here. Maybe you should post it on Facebook as the new month starts so that lot's of people see it.

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