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This is a poem about the sefirot, about connections, the universe we see and the universe we do not see. It is about the heavens opening on Shavuot and Torah. I am not sure about mysticism and about Kabalah....I know enough about the subject to know that I know nothing. I do know about connections, though, and how important they are. Some we see and some we do not. Some, like the touch of a fingertip to another, are small, but others are larger and more profound. It all comes back, however, to the fingertips. Thank you, Bethany, for inspiring this poem.

My friend, my friend, touch your finger to mine. Tip to tip Feel the connection, tiny spirals of energy, warm and pulsing, dancing together. Sparks flying, ignite through our fingertips. On a different plane energies scatter

through the cosmos There is no north, south doesn’t exist. An endless expanse. Find the garden,

a deep river runs through it


until you close your eyes. Sefirot hum and search for each other


The universe expands a little wider. The trees in the garden Tremble and blossom

The river meanders Energy pulsates The heart of the universe beats faster. A temporal plane An invisible thread

floats connects What was with what is, with all that might be. And on that plane events are joined in a spiral of holiness. Meanings touch fingertip to fingertip Freedom flows toward wisdom and wisdom flows

through the garden,

through the river. All flows through Torah a river of energy And the heavens open.

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