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Eight Women- February, 2021

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Our group of 8 Women continues to meet monthly, comparing notes about our lives during Covid. The project continues to inspire me. The women who are participating, each in their own way, have found ways to be out in the world, to create, to learn, to share, to grow. The women teach us that human nature is intrinsically strong. Life goes on, relationships develop, people continue to create and grow despite extenuating circumstances. That is a powerful message through a series of everyday photos during the pandemic. I'll continue to update you on our progress as I work on the website with many more photos.

I would love your thoughts about the Eight Women project.


Sophie got her license! Despite it being the middle of the winter, now that she has her license, Sophie is able to drive around, even to Boston. Sophie continues to take her classes

on line but hopes to get back to school soon. It is more difficult to get together with friends during the cold winter months, but Sophie still makes it work. This photo is Sophie, with her sister at the MFA in Boston. She drove there and back, parked and saw the exhibit. The second photo really helps to set a mood for this series; the victory of reaching to the top of the mountain and declaring victory, of having hope and determination!


Arielle reports that she is back to work. She is working still from home and is extra busy serving her clients. As a new lawyer and working in immigration law she has been been overwhelmed with new work since the change of administrations. Arielle has kept the the group informed about the city of Washington which has calmed down considerably over the past few weeks. She continues to make observations of the mood of the city through photographing street art.

Elisheva- Age 31

Elisheva continues to record two budding relationships during Covid, with her boyfriend and with his many dogs. Elisheva has now received both of her vaccines and continues to teach special needs students in NYC, but on weekends she is able to relax. She and her boyfriend continue to cook and bake sumptuous Shabbat meals and even managed a Covid getaway.

Through Elisheva we learn about the importance of valuing relationships, of learning something new during Covid and the importance of balancing work time with leisure.


Sarah Marie continues to chronicle life at home with three children, a husband and an assortment of cats. Sarah Marie is a teaching from a closet upstairs in her home. Her kids attend school on Zoom. Although she is so busy teaching, she finds opportunities to bake with the kids. She has learned to enjoy teaching on Zoom and creates opportunities for her students to connect socially as well as academically. A lot of pictures show the joyful and fun presence that cats have on her household. Sarah Marie teaches us about the power of patience and creativity and we can all learn the art of juggling schedules and responsibilities from her.


Marla continues to send in photos about her ongoing work on food saving. She has worked delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to communities in the area. The second photo shows the mobile supermarket where people are able to shop for fresh produce in local parking lots. Marla also submits images of her political involvement. She has changed her Biden/Harris sign to reflect 2021. Marla continues to model conviction to her ideals, determination and activism even during a pandemic.


Leann continues to develop a project begun in the fall documenting her connection to a Zoom minyan. Many of her photos are taken through a computer and documents a rich community life on line. The photos above include a participant in the minyan who is saying kaddish for her mother and a computer image of a service being conducted at KI and displayed on Zoom.


Nancy continues to amaze us all with of the things that she is involved with.

Getting an advanced degree, food saving and work at a food kitchen, baking, cooking, gardening and connecting with others. Getting up in the morning, having a plan and doing, doing, doing is and important trait to have during a pandemic and Nancy has what it takes. The first photo is of one Nancy's granddaughters wearing a sweatshirt Nancy dyed from avocado pits and second is a Valentines Day cake Nancy shared with her husband. The cake is filled with homemade cherry jam from her cherry tree. Nancy has found a way to take note and appreciate the small things in life and to show gratitude in her photos.


Bernice, our vivacious and energetic 93 year old group member (her birthday was a few weeks ago!)got both her vaccines and celebrated her second vaccine with a rose and a selfie. Bernice is now able to get together with others and go back to some of the activities she participated in pre-lock down. It has been a happy month for Bernice and she continues to be an enthusiastic 8 Women group member, always asking questions and celebrating achievements.

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