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Wednesday, 4/21

I am taking a class at the Griffin on the subject of poetry and photography. I think that the course was looking for me and I was looking for the course, so this is a great shidduch.

Last night the instructor talked about Haikus. I would love to do a page on Haikus, but the deal is, that I want your Haikus to go along with mine. I am going to play with Haikus for a few minutes, publish this page and hope and pray (please, please, please!!!!) that someone, or a few someones, sends me a Haiku so that I can add it to this page along with mine.

I haven't done this in years....I don't know what to expect. Here goes....

5:13 PM on April 21

OK, I am going to start the Haiku game now but for those of you who are participating (again, please, please, please!) here are the rules.

A Haiku is composed of:

A line with 5 syllables

A line with 7 syllables

A line with 5 syllables

Or maybe you can try

A line with 3 syllables

A line with 5 syllables

A line with 3 syllables


A line with 3 syllables

A line with 1 syllable

A line with 3 syllables

Here are a few topics you might consider for this game:

your hat, your shoes, your breakfast, mud, flowers, plants, your dog, your phone, your eyelashes, shabbat, a walk, birds, rain, sleep, a nap, being mad, smiling, your wallet, texts, the internet, sweaters, your fingers, rocks, clouds, conflict, chocolate, ice cream, torah, early morning

Don't give up now!

Here we go....Don't think too hard....You can do this!

Here are few that I wrote just now...Again, I am not overthinking this.

The Desk

Solo at a desk

Cold raindrops fall from above

Splash on cold fingers

Share my Wings

Share my angel wings

Fly with me over the roofs

Hold tight, don't let go

The Shower

Sing a catchy tune

A song inside a bubble

Melody rises


La, la, lee, loo, lay

Some are flat, some are in tune

Songs in harmony


Crunch me, smack your lips

Crumbs on your nose, cheeks, chin

Oreo Cookies

OK, now it is your turn. I hope to add some of your Haikus here.

Thank you!!!!


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