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I am Teshuvah

I am teshuvah Like Elijah, I visit you each year You are the empty chair waiting for me You are the brimming wine cup on the table I visit and sip  from your conscience  Each sip a tiny itch deep in your head Did I? Should I? Can I?

I am teshuvah I am the one who wakes you at night I pull you one way, then another I am your guide, your friend, your foe

Together we toss on the waves of your memories

We argue, we debate the right and the wrong

There are no answers, only the prize

I am teshuvah Like a riddle, I am both hot and cold Like paint, a thousand shades of white Like a gust of wind I travel in and out of your soul I lead you on journeys you don’t want to take Bring you to forks in the road Force you to decide 

I am teshuvah

Neither good nor bad

I am all ears, I am a fine listener, so go ahead

Talk and talk, deep into the night and I will listen

I am here, I am waiting for your deepest confessions

While the gates are open

While prayers still ascend high above the clouds


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