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I Miss Your Chin

I miss seeing your chin

Sometimes it crumples when you are sad

And it dimples when you smile

It has a cleft in the middle

A strong chin reveals your character

Hidden now under a mask

I miss seeing your cheeks

They have more lines now

Furrowing through the smoothness

But dimples are still there

Your cheeks rise to the sun when you smile

They bring life to your face

Hidden now under a mask

I miss seeing your lips

Crinkly smiles, smirks, smacks, sneers and all

Lips that show laughter, anger, sadness

Lips lined or chapped or twisted while you contemplate

They are the map to understand how you are feeling

Hidden now under a mask

I miss seeing your nose

A nose, always so humble

Nostrils widen when you are peeved

Searching the air for the scents of cooking or flowers

Nostrils, humble tunnels that bring us precious air

Hidden now under a mask

I do see your eyes

Your eyebrows, your lashes, your brows

They widen, narrow, blink,

Dart right and left and all around

Darken when you are angry and round when you are curious

Brows lift, explore their space and help translate the emotion of the eyes

Eyes meet, greet and are the windows to our soul

Are you happy? Are you sad?

Are you there?

Hidden under a mask

Eyes without their brothers and sisters

Noses, cheeks, chin and mouths

Are lost, trying to find their way

Leading their blindfolded siblings along the streets

Doing their best to illustrate the book which is your smile

Eyes, doorways to you, hallways to connection

Doing double time, working hard to bridge the gap

For that which is hidden under a mask

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