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For those out there that do prep for Passover; whether it is for a month, a day or an hour and then do it all in reverse, this is for you.

Shabbat Shalom to you and be well and strong.



Been there

Done that.


Planned and schemed.

Invited and reminded.

Mixed and matched.

Hunted and fixed.

Dragged and packed.

Vacuumed and dusted.

Ordered and reordered.

Scoured and cleaned.

Swept and mopped.

Dragged and dropped.

Boxed and cartoned.

Bagged and closeted.

Shopped and shopped.

Shopped and shopped.

(Did I say that already?)

Cooked and peeled.

Scrubbed and soaked.

Washed and polished.

Squeezed and chopped.

Ground and grated.

Peeled and blended.

Roasted and boiled.

Chopped and baked.

(brownies...are the best!)

Recited and sang.

Sat....(a little)

Dipped and asked.

Praised and stomped.

Listened and learned.

Hugged and Laughed.

Washed and dried.

Packaged and froze.

And then do it all



(much faster this time)

Egypt and back again.

8 day round trip.

It’s been a wild ride.

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