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This post, written by my two nieces, Brianna and Lexi, talks about the joy of being sisters. Brianna and Lexi are just about a year apart and they composed this poem on the spot! It

is heartfelt and leaves me with a big a smile of my face at their exuberance and commitment to each other. Thanks, Brianna and Lexi!!!

The greatest sisterhood partnership ever!

A sister is an automatic best friend

A relationship that has no foreseeable end

No fight is too big

No gesture too small

Sisters are there through and through

Above all

Lexi always loved to dance

She’s loud and loves her parents

Brianna with a camera in her hands

Sort of quiet, independent

Lexi asks a question, with a smile on her face

And Brianna’s always there to put Lexi in her place

Sometimes Lexi follows when Brianna does lead

it makes for shared experiences,

plants a common seed.

A summer in Europe,

college at Tulane

and through it all,

Best friends they remained.

(Though we mustn’t forget…

They also drove each other INSANE)

With one plus year together living in New York,

They’re happy their mom picked them up from the Stork

Singing loud at the top of their lungs,

Creating harmony

Thinking they’re ready for American idol

When others want to scream


there Delilah

Soul sister

I’m yours

Belting these songs out

From deep in their cores

Alexander hamilton

is the hill they would die on

And they’re there for each other

as a shoulder to cry on

They’re super silly,

With lots of support

laughing for hours

until they begin to snort

Always thinking the same thing

On the exact same page

They feel each other’s happiness

and hold each other’s rage

Being protective for each other

(And they’re younger and older brother)

Question it, as one would

But know there’s no bond like a true sisterhood.

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