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The Dream Weaver

An important part of Parshat Vayeshev is the concept of dreams. Yosef’s dreams suggest his own future. Yosef also has the gift of reading into dreams as he interprets the troubling dreams of others. It is interesting to note that Yosef is not considered a prophet and does not have interactions with God as do Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We all dream and we all have startled awake at the end of a disturbing dream.

This is a whimsical poem about the Dream Weaver.

The Dream Weaver

The Dream Weaver barges in uninvited.

He doesn’t even knock;

just barging in

with his muddy shoes

and wild eyes;

with his long peppered beard

filled with ancient crumbs of matzah.

He snatches mismatched memories out from the old sock drawer;

and then carelessly

weaves them

into a saga

which plays and replays

at random intervals;

deep purple strands

of shame

and embarrassment tossed in;

all to the the swinging music

of the Glenn Miller Band,

with the windows wide open

and topaz rain clouds dancing

and the wind blowing in from the north;

snuffing out the candles

and setting your hair on fire,

which the Dream Weaver

expertly extinguishes

with a stream of seltzer

purchased on the Lower East Side

in 1918

on final markdown.

The Dream Weaver tosses you around


to the east,

to the west

until you don’t which is Haman and which is Mordechai

and when you cry out

with a child’s high and plaintive call

into the churning night,

"Are we there yet?"

then The Dream Weaver knows that he has done his job.

With a twinkle in his hooded eyes

he sprinkles dust from The Garden

on you

and you forget all that has transpired

as he circles you seven times

and slowly, slowly fades away

like the final shot of Fellini film


with one final kick

on the front door with his

mighty, muddy boot

he leaves the house



At that moment

you startle awake,

sit up,

wild eyes

opening wide

and ask

"Was I dreaming?"

Once Joseph had a dream which he told to his brothers; and they hated him even more.

He said to them, “Hear this dream which I have dreamed:

Genesis 37:5

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