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The Toys Miss You- A Covid-19 Poem for our Grandkids

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

The closet is waiting for you to make tiny apartments

The pillows are on the couch and long to be spread under tables and desks for forts

The bedposts are longing for new spider webs made from colored yarn

The dance floor is looking for a their doll dancers to

dance and pose.


The stuffed animals are sad that they are not making someone sneeze

The Oreo cookies miss being in goodie bags

The blankets are bored with being just spread neatly on beds

The drawers are still hoping that curious hands will open them

and look for treasures

Be patient

The toy boxes are shut tight and are longing to be open to the fresh air

"Open me," they beg.

The spaces behind doors are empty and waiting for someone to hide

The chairs are cold and need some tushies to sit on them.

The Mankala board is empty and waiting for the beans to crowd their pews

We miss you

The books pages are itching to be turned

The keys of the piano long to be pressed

The markers are waiting to be opened and continue their circular dance on paper

The table is lonely for food to crowd its expanse

The water faucet waits for water to flow and for little hands to wash

Just wait

There are holes waiting to be dug in the yard

There are seeds waiting to be planted in the garden

There are treasures waiting to be found under the forsythia bush

There are worms waiting to be dug up and investigated

There are rainbows waiting to be seen

The time will come

Just wait

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