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things we count during covid-19

Days of quarantine

Weeks of quarantine

Months of quarantine

Years of quarantine

Record the numbers for the historical record

Remember these numbers in the history books



One hundred years

Never in a million years

The impossible occurred

Now what?

6 feet

Repeat 6 feet

Ages of people

Above 60

Above 50

Above 30, 20, 10

Sounds like Abraham bargaining with God

Over the destruction of a town, a people

How many letters in pandemic and quarantine

How many people do we see in a day

When we are all alone

How many people do we miss

How many hugs will never be recovered

How many tears are shed instead

One tear for one hug

What a deal

How many steps do we walk with masks covering our faces

How many are in line at the market

How many unemployed

How many hours does the president speak at a press conference

How many are at the beach and the park

How many hours do we sleep at night

How many squares are on the Zoom screen

How many hours do we waste

How many days of fever

How high do fevers go

3 days of fever

6,9, 12 days of fever




Important numbers

Recorded numbers

Keep a record

Records mark a time

Mark fear, mark sickness and nail-biting fear

Spreadsheets that echo breaths and heartbeats


How many breaths per minute?

6 deep breaths in

one exhale and a cough


94, 95, 96

Breathe in, breathe out

Deep, deeper, deepest breaths

Breaths are life

Keep counting

How many people are sick

1, 6, 100, 2000, 30,000, 75,000, 100,000, 463,567


Important numbers

Each number a person

Each person a life

People dying alone

Counting their breaths

How many good byes not spoken

How many people are gone

In a flash- they go alone into the night

One day here, next day gone

Numbers of people waiting to go to heaven


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