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This Coveted Time

As summer approaches....

When the birds call out before dawn

and dawn arrives before 5,

this time I covet.

When flowers vie for space

showing off their wild colors,

when geese, ducks and turkeys walk,

their obedient babes toddling behind them in a row,

this is a time I covet.

When the leaves blow upwards

and popcorn clouds hopscotch through the sky

and thunder rumbles in the late afternoon,

this is a time I covet.

When people amble down our street in their swimsuits,

towels 'round their waists,

their wet hair plastered to their heads,

this is a time I covet.

When the peas yield their fruit

and the grapes are as small as pinheads,

and the Queen Anne’s Lace rises delicate

as slender green threads,

and the peonies pop

and the dogs bake in the sun

and mother birds chirp

and the bees buzz

and the last school bell rings,

this is the time I covet.

When children ride their bikes through town

and the Red Sox score is announced each morning.

When ice cream drips from cones,

when steam rises from the blacktop after the rains,

when the days seem to last forever,

this is the time that I covet.

When the garden constantly,

softly beckons,

when sandals are worn

and the winter jackets are



stuffed in the closet,

this is the time that I covet.

When the evening air is poetry,

when the breeze is symphonic

and the night is blue velvet

This is the time I covet.

Please let time slow down.

Let the hours forget that they must pass,

if only for a little while,

and if the hours don’t indulge my whimsy,

let my heart always be full




and August.

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