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To Be Almost Two

To Be Almost Two

Life is good when you are almost two!

You sit in your carriage with your brown eyes open wide.

And then you see a garbage truck

lime green metal,

its massive wheels grinding round and round

a strong man in the driver's seat

arm out the window

It rolls on and past

out of sight and out of mind

and off to your next adventure and Life is good

when you’re almost two!

when you sit in your carriage,

the king of the road

your chubby bare toes snuggled

against one another

your finger is pointing

to the right and then to the left

your eyes flitting back-and-forth

exploring every corner

every tree


"I see the moon!" and life

is good

when you are almost two!

when everything is new

when your eyes are fresh

and are excited to see every small thing

when you look at the sky and see the moon

when you point to a car and say beep beep

when you know what a birdie says


what the cat says

and that dog says "woof"

and life is

just excellent when you are almost two!

To be almost two is to be on the verge of everything




and big adventures!

Life is good

when you are almost two

and right around the corner is

a red fire truck


your eyes open wide

your fingers point

your mouth a small circle

"oooooo," you say

and you smile

as only someone

who is almost two can.

and so do I!

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