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To you, ma, on this Sh'loshim

This post is a little late. On the Shloshim I'd like to remember you, the way that you were.

It's the little things about us that make us.

Ma, you loved

Hot coffee

Really hot

With a bit of cream

Just a bit



While your teeth were still good

Never soup

You made it but

It wasn't your favorite.

But it was mine

Because of you I am a soup maker


Crispy fried chicken

Failed sponge cakes

Maybe you really enjoyed your drink more than the food?

Cake and candy

Till the very end cake was

A favorite

Hoarding chocolates

In your drawers and freezer

You are like a horse and a bird at the same time

Eating like a horse but

A universe of time to finish your

Tuna sandwich

Choking on the salad dressing



Eyes weeping

Dad screaming

"Irma, what's the matter with you?"

You were a member of

The clean plate club

Finish every morsel

Long after everyone has left the table

In younger years

Better years

You and dad would sit

Coffee in hand

Newspaper spread on the table

Sharing the news

Cutting coupons

Planning your life

Those were the days

I want to remember you in those days




So I will toast you today

And everyday going forward

L'chayim, ma.

To you

To dad

You fortified us

Nourished us in so many ways

Thank you

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