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Weave Me a Healing

That healing is complicated and a word that doesn't encompass the long and complicated process of healing a torn heart and soul . It takes, more than anything, time, but if we are fortunate, we have people in our lives who will help us heal. Friends, community, family;they will help to smooth the broken and ripped fabric of our hearts.

Dedicated to my friends at the morning minyan at KI.


light tiptoes through the shades,

defeats the shadows

as the ghosts of the night slowly fade,


along with midnight dreams.

Butterscotch light puddles

from corners

And melts into

A new day dawning

Weave me a healing

for my threads are broken.

Twist them

over and under

so they crest

like the ocean tide.

For the stitches are uneven,

the weave erratic.

Colors bleed together,

heartbreak and tears


Bumps and holes,

skips and missteps

knotted into a tapestry of life of loss. Weave me a healing.

Sit me in a warm corner by a window

where I can see the sky.

Where the sun spreads her warming rays over

the scattered threads of my life.

I gather the threads in trembling fingers.

Over and under;

one stitch forward, two stitches backward.

Bends and arcs;

Each a stitch of darkness and light.

Of sad endings

and someday beginnings.


Please enter the room.

Sit by the window with me.

Hold the threads in your hands

for I cannot weave this alone.

Guide my hands.

Pull gently on the threads

so they weave evenly.

Gage the stitches

so to smooth the design.

Help me restore

the rhythm of the weave,

the joy of creating.

The breath, the hope,

the smile, the laughter.

The return.

Help me

to weave a healing.

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