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Words Have Wings Has Been Published

Hello Everyone,

This is a brief post to announce that a full year's worth of my Parsha Poetry has been

published into a book called (what else?) Words Have Wings!

The book was most generously published and sponsored by the morning minyan at Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline, where I have been reading a weekly poem now since August, 2020. All of the poems are here on this blog but now one year's poetry is also in print.

Words Have Wings has been mailed to the congregants at KI. I hope that they find some inspiration in the poems that they read connected to the week's parsha. To purchase the book, you can follow this link: You will find the piece under Featured Content. All of the proceeds from the book go to charity. If you would ever like to attend one of my Wednesday morning minyan meetings (on Zoom or in person) on a Wednesday mornings at 7:00 AM please let me know and I will send you the link.

As long as we are on a housekeeping post, I will note here that I have been so excited to post people's passions on these pages since January. Everybody has a story and I love being able to post these stories, which are as varied as the people themselves.

God willing, I will post my poetry on Tuesdays and whenever another poem pops out, and I will publish the work of others probably 2 times per week.

I am currently looking for people to write about grilling, sailing, fishing, organizing, Wordle, living in certain settings, chocolate, ice cream, the beach, climbing, swimming, meditating, doing yoga, napping, Shabbat...... Maybe you are one of these people? Please let me know!

Happy April 1st....This post is not a joke!

And here we come to Nisan...the month of spring and freedom....I feel a poem coming on!

Thank you for reading this blog.


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