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A Million Stories

I live in a house

So do you

Or an apartment

Crowded or small

A walk-up or on the 37th floor

Down under or

Above the clouds

You live in Paris or London

Beirut or Beer Sheva

Calcutta or Nairobi

Savannah or Kansas City

By a lake or a river

By a train station or a corn field

In this house is a graduate

In this apartment is an old person who lives alone

In this walk-up is a nurse sleeping fitfully

Or a person who delivers pizza

Next door they got a new dog

And down the street a baby is born

Around the block a grandmother died

His wedding was canceled

Her daughter is sick

Your neighbor is afraid to go out,

Has bad dreams at night

A man on the street is shot

Around the bend a woman is beaten

People are hungry

He misses music and she misses her boyfriend

He planted his first garden and she loves a cookie each day

He lost his job and she doesn't sleep at night

He fears the illness and she has new fears each day

He works out and she meditates every morning

He misses his grandchildren and she misses her mother

Everyone has a story waiting to be written

In the back of your mind

On the tip of your tongue

About bravery and guts, about being alone

Or missing a hug

About working or waiting or laughing and sharing

Puppies and recipes, worry

Finding food or feeling unsafe

Politics, bad and worse or no justice for all.

Look through the door

Peek through the window

Climb up the ladder and peer in.

There is a story in every household,

Tales alive in your heart. Find them.

Stories that are written are recalled.

Now and not tomorrow.

Now and for tomorrow.

Remember. Your story.

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