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A Rallying Cry

Before yesterday, November 14, 2023, becomes history, I wanted to write this post and present a (very imperfect and incomplete) set of images to describe the powerful experience of being part of the rally to support Israel and decry antisemitism. The day began early and there were many unexpected obstacles related to logistics and transportation, but the rally reinforced that being part of Am Yisrael is a powerful force. Walking on that field yesterday, and being embraced by our community, is something that I will always remember, so please accept this short prayer as a marker of time, place and intentions.

I will try to write a post on Parshat Toldot for later this week, b'li neder, but for for now, please go back to this post from a few years ago called We Are Family, which is linked at the bottom of the page.

Praying for good news.


A Rallying Cry

Oh, ground under our feet, accept our footsteps,

our heels and toes,

our shoelaces tied tight,

our feet finding the way to this spot.

Taking a stand,

Caressing the earth

Oh, air surrounding us, accept our cries, our cheers.

The  sounds of hope and prayers.

The whir of helicopters above,

the sound of the shofar passing over us,

waking our souls,

the passionate words of speakers

and the unsaid words

that linger between our lips,

never escaping.

Oh, countrymen and citizens of this great land,

our valued neighbors, friends and skeptics,

accept our earnest prayers.

Our passion for and connection to a land

that  defies time and description.

Open your ears, your eyes and your hearts.

See our tears, our broken hearts and our numbers.

We pray for your understanding

To the angels above,

Malachai elyon,

Intercede on our behalf.

Help find those who wait in tunnels below the earth.

Protect the parents and the children, the babies, the elderly

and the soldiers who fight to defend the land.

God, give them strength.

Oh, winds of change and markers of history,

note our presence in this field of green.

Young and old,

frightened and brave,

dreamers and believers,

who arrived from near and far

and record this day of feet and voices,

of hearts and hopes.


Thank you RWH, for this video of Acheinu, a prayer for the release of hostages.

The sound of the shofar as we walked back to catch our bus.


We Are Family- a post for Parshat Toldot

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1 Comment

Nov 15, 2023

I was with your footsteps and your feet standing on peaceful ground thinking of you and Ruthi and Simon and my grandsons and everyone. Quite a day!

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