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And a New Year Begins

Dear Friends,

As this new year begins, please read this little message

and send me your best memory of 2021! Your story doesn't have to be long or

fancy....just a few words to hear what made your 2021 positive.

Although here in Boston it is cloudy, drizzly and warm and Covid is swarming once again,

it is a time to be thinking hopeful thoughts, so please share yours with me.

May this upcoming year bring you good health, time together with your friends and family

and continued growth in your life and the lives of your families. Thank you for reading

this blog. I know that Words Have Wings is one of the things that have brought me

meaning and joy in 2021.

Shabbat Shalom,


*** **

And a New Year Begins

At the stroke of midnight a new year begins.

2021 disappears into the gray haze of memory

and 2022 is born.

2021 brought difficult times to many,

Challenging and perplexing

times to all of us.

Sprinkled in with the sad and confusing were happy times,

moments of connection,

hugs and walks and sitting in the same room,

more cherished now than before.

We no longer take things for granted.

These times.....

Delectable and delicious!

Stories that made us grateful,

that made us smile.

People got married, engaged.

Babies were born.

New jobs were had.

Transitions in every direction.

Exciting adventures.

New pets,

new coffees,

new books,

new music,

new friends,

new interests,

new thoughts,

new delights.

Old you,

new you.

Old year,

new year.

Old hopes and dreams don't die.

They just get reinvented,



Let's learn to live better,

not bigger or smaller,

but more intensely.

Life accented with more color,

for there are so many colors out there.

More delicious tastes and sounds,

and things to feel with our hands.

We just need to reach for them.

To see them.

Let's go now and find the vivid colors in the day.

The tiny miracles that exist around us,

if we just look, we can see them.

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