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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ancient Roman bridges

Were built strong and sturdy

Meant to be there for the long haul

They offered smooth travels

Withstood winds and rain and erosion

They supported the weights of armies and wagons

And travelers and pilgrims

Roman bridges were beautiful then

And beautiful now

They still stand today

Still strong after two thousand years

Friends are like Roman bridges

Building a friendship is like building a bridge

Bridges are constructed stone by stone

Built with care

Each stone carved lovingly

Stones packed tightly together

Stones supporting one another

Without the support of other stones

The bridge would fall.

I am amazed that an arced bridge

Can carry the weight of so many

Effortlessly embracing a universe of footsteps

So it is with friends.

Friendship is built stone by stone

Each stone is a story, a worry, a fear and a hope

One story supporting another.

Each story placed tightly until the bridge is complete

The bridge of stories and tears and laughter is beautiful to see

The stones support one another

With each shared story the bridge grows a little stronger.

Bridges don't break.

They carry the load with amazing grace and beauty.

The bridge of friendship is sometimes short and sometimes long

Breaches are repaired, the stones are maintained

Sometimes the bridge is used every day and then unused for a while,

It waits patiently until it is used again

But its shared stories keep it strong.

The bridge is a constant.

It might be rained on or blown by wind, but the bridge still stands.

It is strong against the wind, solid and true

Some of its stones hold secrets, some tears and some deep laughter

Always standing faithful and true.


My friends,

You know what they say;

"Make new friends, but keep the old.

One is silver and the other gold."

Gold is precious and silver is lasting.

I wouldn't trade in either.

To my friends:

You are the stones that make up my bridge.

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