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Community Haikus

This one day project has been a surprise and so interesting! Lots of people sent in their haikus, which I think helps to provide insight into what we are thinking. Whether we are joking or serious, words give as a way for others to see us and along the way maybe there are surprises for both the writer and the reader.

So this is a Haiku sampling of the last 20 hours. Thanks to those of you who participated. It has been a great day of poetry in miniature! Special congratulations to those of you who have never written a Haiku before or for whom English is a second language. You are amazing!!!!

PS Still happy to collect your Haikus!

PPS- If you want me to make any changes to your poem or remove it, just let me know.

Justice, YES Justice

You shall pursue with fervor

Human Dignity



A grandson is born

Our youngest is to wed

Blessings for us all




Falling asleep now

Nothing more I need to do

Relaxing, drifting.....



Once in hundred years

pandemic changes our world

move forward with hope



One thousand pieces

interlocking to complete

pandemic puzzles

Fire pits roaring

bundled up six feet apart

pandemic socializing



My Feet

Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk

Until I can not walk no more

Then I walk one more



Bright lights, big city

I hear you calling my name.

When can I answer?

They dared us to dream.

Achieve all of our our wishes.

How far can we go?

Kaylee Shoshana



an old piano and someone new to play her

a new life for both?


took it the wrong way

told her how sorry I was

she said to drop it


a song from Russia

wish I could read the lyrics

the music’s enough



Fall Haiku

Memories of leaves...

Raking and jumping into,

Then smell burning piles!

Doreen and Bob


A year so crazy

Joy has taken over now

Your day has arrived



Grandchild on FaceTime

Sits for maybe three minutes.

Finger touches off.

How I love to dance!

Shaking my soul to music

Is better with friends.

My friends are on zoom.

Companionship via screen.

Better than nothing.



Spring in New England

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Happens in one week.



My Lament

The heat just went on. Yesterday I was sweating. Spring, please come back now!


Son called to say hi. So nice that he wants to chat! His shower won’t drain.


I open the door

Aviv sitting on the floor

smiles to see savta!



Forest living

Night music Peep-peep peep peeping


It's only five-thirty !! Squawking shouting in my ear Early birds ...sun rise,I glow

Donna W M


speak up for yourself

find that voice deep within you

our voices have wings



Clear off the table

Friends dining in my kitchen

It’s been a long time



Open up our gates

Because we were once strangers

In a foreign land



Pruning hydrangea

Separating old from new

So blossoms can glow



This is my haiku.

I hope you really like it.

Thank you for your time



Sun warming flowers

Birds chirping melodic tunes

Branches wave hello



Face new challenges

Learning most from saying yes

Know I can do it.



Lemon meringue pie

pot roast, fluden, coconut cake

Remembering Mom.

Leslie M-H

Sweet vivid memories

Mom so loving and spunky

Always in our thoughts



Monument for Mom

More closure on her passing

She’s always with me



Waiting for the day

Rocking chairs beneath the tree

Rocking you and me

Leslie K


Joy Joy is felt and seen

Unexpected small or large

Delivers a smile!

Donna M


Walking on the beach

Sun shines diamonds on ocean

Light of G-d with me



Branches in my yard

Pick up or leave? You ask me.

Save for the earth, I say.



Words reveal power!

Soft, loving, wishing, past, future,

Language has many secrets!




Come, eat, play and draw

Missing them


Laugh, cry, read and run

Loving them



This last one isn't a Haiku, but it is a lovely poem shared with me today. It is a sensitively written observation of nature and I am happy to include it here as it was written.

Forest bathing Without my phone The peepers made a racket while I spotted tiny new buds Snapping skinny dry twigs between my fingers reminds me of crunching on super thin potato chips

Forest bathing Without my phone Mucking along the river while ducks and geese quack and honk above my head They splashed in and out of the water and in front of a lone swan at the end of the peninsula

I would have shared all this with you, but I was forest bathing Without my phone


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