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Fly Away

If you could fly

Like a sculpted dragonfly

You would soar above the gardens and the trees,

Swooping over the heads of unsuspecting flowers

Narrowly missing branches

Carving out lines through the air

Like an ice skater doing figure eights

Leaving a trail of ice sparks flying

"Dragonfly, what is it like to fly?"

If she could fly

Like a hummingbird

Flitting from flower to flower

Her wings beating so rapidly

Sipping and dipping with grace

Tiny sips before she rises effortlessly again

She's never there long enough to be caught

Her wings carry her to safety

"Hummingbird, do you hear music as you hover?"

If he could grow wings like a butterfly

Gossamer but strong

He would rise past the sickness and soar

He would remove his mask and let the air touch his face

Breathing deep and strong

Flying upward where the clouds are thin

Let his mask flutter to the earth,

Watching it spiral downward and downward more

"Butterfly, does the wind rock you as you fly?"

If we could glide like a hawk

Soar with our friends like in a dream

We'd rise with strength to the sculpture garden of clouds

We wouldn't have to hear words of hatred below

Our ears would hear only the sound of the wind

Whispering comforting sounds into our ears

"Things will be OK; be patient, my children."

"Hawk, how does it feel to glide on the breeze?"

Fly, my friends, feel the air gift you onwards and upwards

Forget your fears; gather strength for the flights ahead

For just as the butterfly finds the strength to fly endlessly

The hawk finds the strength to hunt

And the hummingbird's tiny wings find the capacity to continue

The dragonfly buzzes even when it is weary

So you will find the strength to fly forward and upward

Ascending over sickness, triumphing over enmity.

"Friends, fly for us, fly safely and always fly high."

Dedicated to those who fight against two different scourges; the virus and S'inat Chinam, causeless hatred.

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