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Home Brewed Lattes

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

This short piece, written by fellow dancer Miriam K a few weeks ago, is about her home brewed lattes. Since reading the piece I have been inspired to make delicious lattes at home. When I take my first sip I think of Miriam and how true it is that to enjoy a few minutes over a steamed milk latte is a moment of rest and enjoyment. Thank you, Miriam.

Keep making those lattes and keep dancing!

Years ago I was working as a litigator in a law firm. It was a job that I did not enjoy. Each day, to help with the boredom, I would make myself coffee with skim milk. One day a person came into the work kitchen and put sugar and three creams in his coffee. I mused to myself that this person knew how to enjoy life. Now, almost twenty years later, I have found a rewarding career as a mediator. Each morning I brew a coffee drink that gives me immense pleasure. I steam milk with some hazelnut creamer. After pouring most of the steamed milk into my coffee, I froth the remaining flavored milk for an extra treat. The latte tastes better than any I can buy at Starbucks and is a wonderful way to begin the morning. Now that I am in my fifties, along with a morning dance class, I have found other ways to make life more rewarding- from finding a job that helps people to the way I make my coffee.

Miriam is a mediator, a coffee drinker and an energetic and joyful dancer.

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