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See My Garden

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I want you to see my garden

I want you to really see my garden

Not just any of my gardens

Not the squash garden with show-off orange flowers which last but a few hours

Or the cucumber garden where tiny prickly cucumbers play hide and seek

Challenging me to find them in between the leaves.

Or the garden with unruly tomato plants reaching toward the sun

Nor the garden where arugula always shoots up to flower

Leaving its spicy and hot leaves hard to find.

Not the garden with peppers that hang like earrings waiting to be pulled off

And hastily popped into a mouth, hoping to cause a good burn!

Not the garden with the garlic scapes that curl like G-cleffs in the sun

No, not that one!

And not the garden with eggplants just forming, heavy like sleeping babies

even in their infancy.

Or the garden with Swiss chard which takes its sweet time to grow

but dazzles me each day with the chartreuse of its leaves in the sun.

Not these gardens!

I want you to love my precious garden, my beloved garden

My garden of herbs and flowers and leaves and berries and frogs

My cherished garden of rocks and found wood and treasures and tea-sets

With one tiny path that meanders through its tiny expanse

My garden of bees of all sizes who buzz between milkweed and sage

And spicy marjoram takes over the real estate bit by bit

Where blackberry canes want to take over the world

My garden of red fennel that fans like a horse's tail

And dill whose flower is like a green Milky Way

My sweet garden of fairies, petite mushrooms and tree stumps

My garden of pole beans and hiding places

Queen Anne's Lace presides like a daintily crocheted umbrella queen over the land

My escape, my peace and quiet, my tiny beautiful world!

Come and sit with me in my garden

There isn't much room, but I will find you a spot

We can sit and listen to the bees, find the elusive frog, watch the ants work hard

We can sit quietly, making sure not to miss the magic going on

For there is always movement in my garden

Life happening on a small scale

There are dances in the breezes and jigs in the winds

There is the weight of the raindrops falling and

The footsteps of ladybugs

There are birds and chipmunks watching you

Listen and you shall hear,

Look and you shall see!

Although my garden is crowded

My plants live in peace

They co-exist; they find common space

Respect each other's right to live in the garden

Although the colors of the flowers meld,

Plants are good neighbors to one another

They draw from the strengths of one another and from this they grow stronger.

Together they create a kaleidoscope of color; a picture of what life can be.

Come and sit with me in my garden

Meditate, hum, watch, pray, remember, dream

For a garden can teach us a little bit of what life should be.

Dedicated to you, Sara. You loved plants and you loved gardens. May your memory be a blessing.

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