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Knitting Through a Pandemic

Here is another essay on what gives people satisfaction....Thank you, Kathi!

Knitting Through a Pandemic by Kathi Wolff

My love of knitting begins with the delightful textures and colors of woolen yarn. The feeling of progress growing as the soft yarn passes through my hands stitch by stitch. The accomplishment of creating a useful item from nothing but 2 sticks and some string. Exhilarating.

It has been a long 2 years with no yarn store gatherings or fiber festivals to join up with other knitters. I count myself fortunate to be part of a zoom knitting group during this isolation. Knitting progress marks time through the pandemic…

Yarn stores closing…Make yarn selections online.

Empty shelves and panic buying…Knit tiny, neat rows into the first mitten.

Someone you know gets covid…Finish/soak/block a pair of mittens for Krissy.

There is joyfulness in creating. A handknit from my needles has love and thoughts of the recipient knitted into each stitch. Seeing it being worn carries the love back.

Knitting will keep holding me together long after this pandemic ends. My collection of yarn will always spark desire to create something new. Maybe a soft hat for a newborn baby or chemo patient….socks or mittens for a homeless soul…scarves for a cash strapped family.

I wouldn’t be me without this creative outlet.

Give me a single, long piece of string and I’ll make you a sock (with love included).

Kathi Wolff has been a knitter/spinner/dyer for 40 years.

Photos courtesy of Kathi Wolff.

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