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Making Pictures

The Atelier program at the Griffin Museum of Photography, located in Winchester, Massachusetts, is a special program which allows photographers to choose and build portfolios of images which are later shown in an exhibit at the Griffin. I have done the Atelier twice and this most recent Atelier was on Zoom. This group of participants has been a supportive group; helping each other, providing constructive feedback, encouragement

and for me in particular, technical advice.

Marc is one of the photographers in this Atelier. His project, which looks carefully at the bark of trees, encourages viewers to see the beauty, the color and form of bark. His images are striking as you view the topography of each image and creates that feeling of wonder at what we pass by each day and perhaps what we miss as we go from place to place.

It is always interesting to understand what photographers are thinking when they create images. Thank you, Marc, for sharing your thoughts here. You can see more of Marc's work

Making Pictures

One of the things I connect with deeply about making pictures is that it causes me to look more — and more intently — at what’s in front of me. I have gotten into the habit of seeing sections of my world of a size suitable for framing. I often find myself seeing things that gain in importance as they are separated from their surroundings.

What I look at is often what my eyes would ordinarily pass over – scenes of clutter or of rust and rot or the decay and compost of our urban and natural worlds. It’s easy to see beauty in a blooming flower. It’s more difficult to see balance and beauty in prosaic scenes as well as debris, castoffs, and accidental comings-together. That is where I’ve been making pictures and it has been an awakening for me. It has become part of my spiritual practice.

Throughout this practice, my aim is to see clearly what is there but is not noticed, to extend my vision by framing the familiar, the lost, the hidden to make a unique visual moment. It is deep work and it continually surprises me, connects me to this marvelous world and to myself. I love this part of my life and invite you to join me by looking at (and seeing) my work and by nurturing your own creative practice.

Disturbed Reflection 2018

Photo by Marc Goldring

Detail of White Cedar

Photo by Marc Goldring, 2022

Marc Goldring makes photographs that capture the familiar in unfamiliar or unexpected ways. His recent work has focused on natural places – ponds, urban forests – over the course of years, capturing reflections, colors and textures that are intimate landscapes, forming ambiguous and evocative images. He will have 6 images in a group show at The Griffin Museum in Winchester MA, opening mid-March.

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