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Meditations for the Eight Nights of Chanukah in 2020

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

A Blessing for the first night: Unity

Please keep our minds and our hearts open.

To hear ideas of others even when their message is different from our own.

To open our minds and our ears to other's messages

To find a place of common ground

A Blessing for the second night: Tolerance

Please help us to hear each other's stories

To be able to put ourselves in the shoes of others

To understand who they are, their joys and sorrows

Not to judge, but to always try to understand

That differences

A Blessing for the third night: Eyes open

Help us to open our eyes to the beauty in the world

To see the best in people

To see past what they wear, or their shape or skin color or age

And see the the beauty that resides in their hearts

A Blessing for the fourth night: Creativity and Innovation

Help us dig deep within ourselves to find the spark of innovation

so as to continue the work of creation every day. Help us to value what already

exists, but to find ways, however small, to improve our planet and the

living things existing on earth.

A Blessing for the fifth night: Resilience

Help us to be resilient during this unique time. Let us find the strength to

support those who protect the population and care for people during this time

of illness and darkness. And let us remember that there is always light at the end

of darkness, and give us patience to see this period come to an end.

A Blessing for the sixth night: Family

Help us recognize that warmth deep in our hearts, which is the internal glow of family.

We are grateful for families who give us the strength to keep going and make us smile,

even when that smile is hard to come by on some days.

A Blessing for the seventh night: Generosity

Help us find the generosity in our hearts to contribute to the greater good, however we can, whether financially, or of our time or talents. Help us to remember that each of us are

blessed with generous spirits and each of us finds our own unique ways of expressing that


A Blessing for the eighth night: Community

Help us appreciate the special gift which is community and to value our neighbors and

friends who share our joys and sorrows. Help us especially recognize the great lengths to which our community leaders go to keep our communities strong, even in the absence of

meeting each other face to face.

May you and yours be blessed with good health. May your lights shine outward to light the world with your spirit.

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