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My Passion for Rare Plants

Each of us has our own interests and passions and they vary from person to person.

Last summer Annie, an old and dear friend, spoke about her collection of rare plants.

I had never heard of this particular interest before and was so taken by the idea of finding and keeping these plants healthy. I am so happy to share this essay with you and I hope that you will be in touch in the comments below if you are interested in more information. I will put you in touch with Annie directly. Thank you, Annie, for this intro to rare plants!

Plant love has always been part of my life. Outdoor gardening filled with delicious

vegetables, beautiful flowers and the thrill of watching plants mature is

tantalizing. Winters spent perusing seed catalogues and starting outdoor plants to

be planted in spring were enough until…..the pandemic.

I have discovered the beauty in collecting and nurturing indoor plants with

fascinating shapes, vivid colors, textured stems, furry leaves and unique leaf

designs. Being a protector of these gorgeous living things gives me pleasure and

encourages learning and imagination. Hours slip by watching videos and reading

horticultural articles about rare native plants from all over the world. My plant

collection takes my imagination on endless trips, from Hawaii to Southeast Asia to

South America and beyond.

My home is now filled with light of all types; shelves fill sunny windows and

artificial lights hang from the ceiling in once dark corners. Humidifiers hum as hot

pink leaves from my pink princess philodendron send out new shoots and

variegated anthuriums grow on furry petioles. I wake up excited to see new

growth and constant change.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to experience the gifts our planet's ecosystems offers. As

I have learned from my Facebook groups, I am now a ‘planty’ person!

Dragon Scale Alocasia - Photo courtesy of Greg Neumann

Syngonium Albo- Photo courtesy of Greg Neumann

Pellonia pulchra Photo courtesy of Greg Neumann

Blooming orchard cactus Photo courtesy of Annie Neumann

Annie's window. Photo courtesy of Annie Neumann

“Like people, plants respond to extra attention.” — H. Peter Loewer

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