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My Pups

A perfect post for the Sunday after a snowstorm, from Paul Gershkowitz, brother extraordinaire, a piece about a day in the life of his beloved dogs. In a few paragraphs

Paul lets us know the joy of our dogs.

Thanks, Paul....

My Pups

I open my eyes to the new morning and I am greeted by four eyes waiting for me to move any muscle. I say good morning to my wife and I feel the bed start to shake as the tails of my two pups sway back and forth making their entire bodies move from left to right against the

mattress. They cannot even wait for me to maneuver out of bed before they start vying

for the choice petting position. Neither one is satisfied unless they are getting complete solo

attention. They bark in glee as we start heading downstairs, knowing that breakfast will be

served shortly.

They devour their kibble and water and quickly dash to the front door to continue their

morning rituals. They jump on each other, bark and growl and start to wrestle relentlessly

demanding to be the boss for that moment. After play time, they come back into the house and assume their napping positions on the couch and chairs for another day of rest and relaxation. They are content to sleep and relax until either my wife or I head to the front door. Then, it is game on and their day of travel begins. They ride with us for endless hours content just to be with us as we go to our various meetings and events.

Evening comes and the two pups are ready for dinner. Both expose their tongues at 5:00 PM

telling us, ‘Feed me, NOW’. They both eat with reckless abandonment. They stay very close to us for the next few hours hoping to receive some dinner scraps or for our son to sneak them some of his dinner. They are patient and do not table surf. They are content to lick the plates as we stack the dishwasher.

After dinner they get comfortable on the couches again and they lie as close to us as possible to us waiting for our affection and praise.

They are the best of friends and our best friends. There is no judgement or criticism, just love.

"Dogs are our link to paradise."

Milan Kundera

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