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Pandemic Posits

Suzanne is the kind of person who makes me smile. She is modest, funny, honest and her heart is good. We worked together, we put on plays together, we traveled to Israel together.

All very good things. Suzanne wrote wonderful lyrics for our CBE Purim Shpiels every year.

Best memory? Suzanne as the our farm girl in a Shpiel. She was wonderful!!! You rock, Suzanne!!!

Pandemic Posts

What makes me happy? What brings me pleasure?

so many things from which to choose.

I’ll tell you in this little rhyme

what helps me fight the blues.

Puppies live or photos of elicit warmth and love,

videos of baby pandas and playful little otters,

nature’s wonders in the world

on land or in the waters.

The Broadway show on radio and show tunes anytime;

food network cooking programs

and travel shows to many climes.

Football season, watching games especially when my team wins;

settling in with a really good book

or going on a Netflix binge.

But most of all what brings me joy and pulls me from the skids

are the smiles, laughs and giggles

of my huggable and precious two (local) grandkids.

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About Suzanne:

I have lately been writing more poems for birthdays and other occasions. Several years ago I had a business called Rhymes for the Tymes which was a personalized poetry service. I wrote poems for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, retirements, eulogies and all sorts of occasions and events. They were always positive, meant to bring smiles or tears of joy. I would get pertinent information from the customer and then create a custom verse.

As far as a bio…

I am a displaced midwesterner (Cincinnati, Ohio) of nearly 40 years. I am a serious sports fan (Go Bengals!) and a Broadway geek. One of my happy places is Emerson College’s weekend Broadway show, Standing Room Only; another is a trip to the beach in cool/ cold weather… a little wind, blue skies and some sun.

Among various pursuits, I have been a retail worker, a school classroom teacher and substitute. I was for many years a remedial Hebrew tutor and teacher at Congregation Beth Elohim in Acton which is where I met Leann, the Educational Director, par excellence. She was also the initiator and director of the very popular and successful Purim Shpiel. She somehow convinced shy little me to participate in a few of them. I also wrote the lyrics for some of the song parodies used in the shows.

Now I try to keep up with my life and am a proud Grandma to my three special grandchildren, two local and one too far away in Marietta, GA.

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