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Skinny Little Kids

Skinny little kids

gangly arms and legs

Feet stuck in the mud

and heads swollen

with spring

wearing their silly

purple hats

boldly bobbing

to see

who is heading down the block

to play?

Who will they fool

With their

shiny spring


Skinny little kids

look up

at the clouds

and wonder

where the wind comes from

they count acorns

ravaged by squirrels.

Together they dig in


stubbornly daring

the next storm

to blow off

their purple hats

A day goes by

maybe two

they have played hard

in the wind

in the rain

and their purple heads

slowly retreat

back to the ground

back among the acorns

but not without a fight

shaking their spindly


at the sky

Skinny little kids


sticking out their

skinny little chests

for brief moment

they were the new kids

on the block

Welcoming spring

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