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Sports: "The Glue and The Opium of the People"

It has been a few weeks since I last posted an essay on things that bring people satisfaction. This essay, written by my dear nephew, Gabriel, is about his enthusiasm for Tom Brady. His connections to Tom Brady are not what you would expect, as you will read below.

I am so grateful for this essay. Thank you, Gaby, for these words.

Sports: “The Glue and The Opium of the People”

They say sports forges a special connection among people and helps create memories that last a lifetime. Others believe it can distract during tough moments. My passion for Tom Brady may feel awkward for many. But he came into my life at a time when my family needed both inspiration and distraction from reality.

My brother Daniel was in treatment for Leukemia back in 2001. Family and friends would come and visit and there would always be a sporting event in the background. One of those days, I sat and watched as Daniel’s hero Drew Bledsoe, then quarterback for the New England Patriots was knocked out of the game on a massive hit. The whole family was watching as the backup, Tom Brady, took over. A passion was born inside of me, that I still have to this day.

Brady showed us a strength even when there was adversity in the game. He led the team

against all odds all the way to the Superbowl. The same strength that I witnessed in my brother as he fought relentlessly against that terrible disease.

Unfortunately, Daniel did not get to see that final game with us. He passed just two days before. The whole family gathered in our small apartment, and we watched in awe. My dad to this day says that Dany pushed the football through the uprights and helped the Patriots win Super BowlXXXVI.

Twenty years later I am still watching my hero Tom Brady play the sport as he keeps me close

to my ultimate hero, Daniel Avi Gershkowitz.

Gabriel Gershkowitz


Gabriel Gershkowitz divides his time between work and sports. Whether it is football season not, you can find Gabriel in Miami or his beloved home town of Baranqilla, Colombia.

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