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Three Orphans Sitting on a Bench-February 3, 2020

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I am 63

Barry is 62

Paul is 59.

We sit on a bench following morning minyan.

Heads bowed.

Hands on our laps

We are orphans now.

We have children of our own

Grandchildren even


Jobs and joys


But we are orphans now

Heads bent to catch the words

of comfort

Ten men covered by their talitot

Enveloped in wool and linen

They bend over us

We three children

We three orphans

Saying words of comfort

Mumbled words in a rhythmic chant

Words pour over us like honey

We are covered with their power

Hugged by their cadence

Caressed by their meaning

As our mother once caressed our hair

our backs

our arms, our legs

We are caressed with these words of comfort

We three orphans

Sitting low on a bench

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