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Is news better when it is shared?

What’s a sunset without shared ooohs and aaaahs?

Is the roar of the ocean as glorious when you hear it alone?

Treading gently on the forest floor is quieter.

The song of the songbird is less melodious.

The oranges, yellows and reds of a fall maple are duller.

The meadow of wildflowers is not as bright.

The granite crest of a mountain peak loses its sharpness.

The swirl of a wild snowstorm is more frightening.

The clap of thunder feels more threatening.

Discovering the nascent moon less exciting.

Seeing a hummingbird needs to be shared!

The scent of a milkweed flower is sweeter when smelled together.

Alone my senses are sharpened.

I see more, but itch to show it,

to tell it,

to uplift it.




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