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Why I Write

This lovely poem about the complex process of writing was written by my friend and skilled writer, Leslie Degnan.

Why I Write

Writing is a journey; an all-encompassing means to an end.

A holiday of thought, ideas, and creative problem solving,

It opens my eyes, lights up my neurons, surprises me, & confounds me.

Writing is persistent work.

Write, read and revise, an endless process, until you get it right.

Getting it right is the adrenaline-rush moment I seek.

Writing is art, painting images with a word brush.

Strokes of emotion, memory, creating something from nothing

It has a beginning a middle and an end that satisfies.

I greet this immersive writing journey,

With hopes of finding something new,

And set off, without knowing the final destination.

Leslie is a writer and a retired educator still committed to learning and growing in new ways. She’s always willing to put herself in the path of an adventure whether it’s birding, kayaking, playing her ukulele, or traveling to Africa. Tapping out a new story or poem on her keyboard is often a grand adventure as well.

Leslie Ross-Degnan Twitter @DegnanLeslie

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