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On the Head of a Pin

For you who are aging.

For you who are balancing.


On the Head of a Pin

We are balancing on the head of a pin

barefoot and coatless.

careening on our stiffened tiptoes

high above the world below.

It’s crowded up here;

so many people on this tiny pin.

It's so easy to fall,

but still we balance.

Teetering, yes,

tottering, maybe,

but we don’t give up.

Not us.

Sometimes it feels hopeless

and we fear that we will soon fall

far, far below.

Our legs get so weary


as we struggle to keep a foothold;

grasping one another so we don't fall;

our fingers entwined

so tight.

Supporting each other.

Loving each other.

Loving life.

Another day we are here.

Holding on

for dear life.



for life is so dear.

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