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Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Where the ocean meets the sky

That line where the sky meets the water

A perfect line, pencil thin as it arcs, smudged around the horizon

No matter how far we paddle the horizon casually beckons to us

"Come, my friend, come and join me here

Come and play between heaven and earth

Between fog and clouds

Between those who fly and those who swim in the deep

Between waves that shimmer and winds that dance above."

Where the ocean meets the sky

That moment where liquid meets the air

Where vapor and froth flirt with wind dervishes

The waves dance wildly with the wind, sapphire skirts swirling

"Come, my friend and join me here,

On the edge of the earth

We'll tiptoe on the horizon

I'll hold on to you and you to me

We'll balance each other on the tightrope between two worlds."

Where the ocean meets the sky

As still as a mirror, as ferocious as a raging hurricane

"Come my friend and join me here."

"You are so far that I cannot reach you

Although I swim, I fly, I sail, I float

I see you and you disappear, you are there and then you are not

My friend, I cannot join you there on the edge of the earth

But I can watch for you at every turn

I can guard you, cherish you from afar

I can never be with you, but only follow you with my eyes

Swimming toward the horizon one stroke at a time, never reached but always followed."

To those people who gaze at the horizon and dream; this is for you.

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